Latest Release by Dr Taki Mukololo Dube

ubuNtu is Afrika's Spiritual Philosophy of Health and Wellbeing...


Do you know the 4 Postures of ubuNtu?


Knowing your History Locates you in the Human Family. This is called Identity.

A Strong sense of Identity helps one forge good Relationships, which are important for Health and Wellbeing...

Do you know your Afrikan History and how to Reconstruct your Genealogy? Being Congruent in your Spirituality is important for Health and Wellbeing...Do you wish to understand the evolution of Religion and Spirituality in Afrika? Read about this and much more in this thought provoking book by your Doctor, Mukololo wa Luvhalani, Dr Takalani Dube , the author of  "Bantus" The untold HiStory of Africa and her People from Creation" 


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